Happiness Is an Inside Job

The definition of Aesthete is “a philosophy dealing with a deep sensitivity to the beauty of nature and humanity.” This is the authentic sacred belief and knowing I have held in my heart since my birth which continues to be my core purpose of life whether through writing or my natural healing practice.  

It’s pretty standard for folks to think happiness is dependent on things outside of ourselves. You know the drill – “maybe” we’ll be happy when … or happy because … or happy if … and so on. Others believe happiness is a rare and fleeting feeling, or they’re dubious from the start that happiness is even possible. It’s like the attached picture-things can be calm, serene, and fantastic until it suddenly turns into a storm with 20-foot waves.

Being happy exists but we need to remember it is always an inside job. If and when we choose to say, “I am happy,” unlimited power spreads from within and out to all of nature and humanity. That unstoppable action is the ultimate “act of harmonious creativity.” 

Plato said, “Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.”

That’s precisely what this website is all – enjoy the posts.

Dr. Deb


2 thoughts on “Happiness Is an Inside Job

    1. Your comment fills me with deep gratitude for all of humanity. Letting it swirl out and enlighten whoever needs it in this vast universe. Am honored to know you Eddie – I have learned much from you in a short span of time.

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